About Us

Our company looks different than it used to in our past. We are in our third generation of working with builders and homeowners alike selling them their dream.

We are family owned and operated and have been since 1950. Angela and Becky run this company with a passion for people and a job well done.

We belong to the Home Builders Association (HBA), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Professional Remodelers Counsel (PRC) and are EDGE-certified. These all come with our passion for working professionally and personally with you at the same time.

We do any grid ceiling, wood track ceilings, metallaire and much more. What we did in the past is still available, but now the options are limitless and we are here to show you your options and hopefully develop a relationship built on trust and workmanship that lasts a lifetime.

Without our loyal customers and builders we would not be here yesterday nor today let alone will we be here in your future. We want to remain for the long run by being here for you now. We know that you are our lifeline and we respect that. That is why we do our best to deliver the best to you, your family and your home.