Residential Ceilings

For your home…

Imagine transforming a room in your home simply by changing your ceiling!

Want more living space? A finished basement gives you just that. A suspended ceiling or decorative tile of your choice creates the look and feel you want for each room in your home.

Warm up a room with wood planks. Romance your room with tray ceilings and rope lighting. Historical patterns made with real tin will impress your company as a backsplash or put directly on your tiles.  Brighten up your kitchen with dome ceilings. Classic planks with real wood-grain finish that is paintable or stainable does the job in your kitchen or bath. Sahara works wonders for covering ceilings damaged by water, old cracked plaster ceilings or plain drywall ceilings.

What makes a room have that sense of feeling that it has?  Lots of things! Has your eye ever caught that beautiful picture on the wall, or that sensational color scheme creating the mood you were in or the lights that fit perfectly with low, dim shadows cast across the room? The ceiling and your tile choice have a lot to do with the final outcome of your room and the experience you will have. Don’t settle for a boring fifth wall in any room that can have a sense of relaxation and beauty simply by finding the tile that fits your style!

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  1. Has DeGeorge ceilings left the Buffalo area? I have had them do many jobs for me in the past and would like to contact them now. What is their address and phone number?

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