Services and Process

What to Expect…

  • Friendly from the start:  Our staff here at DeGeorge will greet you with a smile. Some are extroverts and some introverts, but both will give you a warm handshake and feeling as though we have known one another longer than just a moment. This may take place hen walking into our Design Center in Akron or when calling us on the phone to get information for your new creation in your home.
  • >Timely:   We are quick at taking your call, getting out to your home to do your free estimate, and delivering the estimate by phone, e-mail, mail or in person. We work around your schedule when meeting for the estimate and through-out the job.
  • Fair Price: We know that everyone wants a good deal and we want to give that to all we quote. We also know that we must stay in business and pay our bills. We combine these realities into the best price possible knowing that once the job gets started, we will do it right or do it again.  
  • We communicate with you:  During a job it is important to communicate back and forth to make sure the desired outcome is coming out! Please let us know what you need and we will follow up and stay in touch to make the whole partnership a smooth process for you and your family as we work in your home.
  • Quality workers:   We would want the best people coming out to our homes, so we offer you what we would choose to have. We want to hear positive comments and praises for their work, not the opposite! We have selected those who are qualified in the field, work well with us and get the job done right. 
  • Quality products:  We only use the best products. Again, if it is good enough for our home, we feel comfortable installing it in yours. Armstrong and USG products are top of the line. They deliver the highest quality materials with a warranty for sag resistance and mold and mildew resistance. We have been in business with their business since our business began!
  • Low pressure: Our goal is not to make sure we have your sale because we have a chart on the wall and earn a vacation when we do better than the next sales person. Our goal is to make sure we understand what it is you would like to do or help formulate that picture in your mind with you, give you your options and then let you decide if we are the best fit for you. Do not get me wrong, we would love to be what everyone is looking for, but the fact of the matter is that is an impossible task or we would be the only ceiling company in existence!
  • Satisfied Customer:  We want our customers to be satisfied. We want you to like us, but more than that, we want you to like our work. Your new room, basement, office or hotel lobby or hallways. We want you to be so pleased that you are proud to tell someone who did the work for you. We want your business again should the need arise or your friend or family’s business because you are satisfied with the final result.